2010, internationaal jaar van de biodiversiteit

An information visualization highlighting some important differences between Chinese and Dutch people, emphasizing the ways in which The Netherlands currently exceed China.
A comparison of population density shows how The Netherlands is many times bigger than China (left). A comparison of absolute size between both countries (right) shows the opposite.
A visualization that illustrates from a more detailed perspective the difference between population density between The Netherlands and China.
Various land surfaces are compared (top), showing that The Netherlands in relative comparison have more water and more highways.
Various specific data such as energy production and energy consumption of electricity, poverty rates, car ownership, mobile phones or literacy rates are compared in relative comparison.
Various specific data such as energy consumption of gas and water, gender division, 65+ rates and avarage gender length are compared in relative comparison.
Title: 2010, internationaal jaar van de biodiversiteit [English: 2010 International Year of Biodiversity]
Type: Diagram; Assignment
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Designer.name: F. N. (Fernando) van der Vlist
Designer.affiliation: School of Media & Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Instructor.name: M. T. C. (Michael) van Schaik; T. (Theo) Deutinger
Instructor.affiliation: Dept. of Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; TD-architects
Description.note: Data from CIA World Factbook (Dec. 2009).
Description: The year of 2010 was declared as the International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations General Assembly. It was a year-long celebration of biological diversity, taking place all around the world. It was meant to help raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity through activities and events in many countries.
This information visualisation was intended to contribute to that celebration and debate by raising an informed awareness. Biodiversity is not just about other life forms and their ecosystems, it also concerns the human species and their “artificial habitats”. With data from the CIA World Factbook, the Dutch human habitat is compared to that of the Chinese on some general and specific aspects. This way, the visualisation shows the relative size of both countries for each of these points. It informs on which points small countries like The Netherlands can make a huge difference on this urgent issue at an international scale.
Date.submitted: 22 Jan. 2010
Date.evaluated: 22 Jan. 2010
Language: Dutch (The Netherlands)
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