Hatice Gökçe masterclass – Mode. Rotterdam–Istanbul 2010

The front of the flyer shows a crop from one of the iconic images of the Turkish fashion designer Hatice Gökçe holding her scissors, which was then illustrated using only straight lines.
The back of the flyer contains detailed information about the organization and location of the fashion event.
A detail of the front shows the graphic representation of sewing lines in more detail.
A detail of the back shows the graphic use of the lines as illustrative, but also as highlights for the text.
Title: Hatice Gökçe masterclass flyer
Subtitle: Mode. Rotterdam–Istanbul 2010 [English: Fashion. Rotterdam–Istanbul 2010]
Type: Print; Pamphlet; Assignment
Type.dimensions: 210 × 148,5 mm
Type.printing: Full-colour process (CMYK); Double-sided
Type.edition: 5,000 copies
Commissioner.name: J. (Julie) Müller
Commissioner.affiliation: Kosmopolis Rotterdam
Designer.name: F. N. (Fernando) van der Vlist
Designer.affiliation: School of Media & Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Instructor.name: B. (Britt) Möricke; J. A. L. H. (José) Bloks
Instructor.affiliation: Dept. of Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Printer: Unknown printer
Printer.place: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Publisher: Kosmopolis Rotterdam
Publisher.place: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Date.submitted: 27 Feb. 2010
Date.revised: 8 Mar. 2010
Date.accepted: 8 Mar. 2010
Date.published: Mar. 2010
Language: Dutch (The Netherlands)
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