Klub 470 flyer series #1 – Hundreds, 10 February @ Goethe-Institut

The front of each flyer in the series will carry a close-up image from a specific element of the beautiful Baroque interior where the bands will play.
The back of each flyer in the series shows information about the band, location and entrance fees.
Title: Klub 470 flyer series #1
Subtitle: Hundreds, 10 February @ Goethe-Institut
Series.title: Klub 470 flyer series
Type: Print; Pamphlet; Periodical
Type.dimensions: 210 × 148,5 mm
Type.printing: Full-colour process (CMYK) (front side); Black (back side); Double-sided
Type.edition: Unknown number of copies
Designer.name: N. O. (Niels) Schrader; F. N. (Fernando) van der Vlist
Designer.affiliation: Mind Design – Gedankendesign
Author.affiliation: Goethe-Institut
Editor.affiliation: Goethe-Institut
Photographer.name: R. (Roel) Backaert
Photographer.affiliation: Roel Backaert
Contributor.name: Lithography by A. (Alex) Feenstra
Contributor.affiliation: drukkerij robstolk
Printer: Flyeralarm
Printer.place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publisher: Goethe-Institut
Publisher.place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date.accepted: 19 Jan. 2012
Date.published: Jan. 2012
Language: Dutch (The Netherlands)
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