README – On the Distributed Identity of Internet Archive

The frontside and first page of the “README” document introduces the type of document and its consequently implemented hierarchical and cascading content structure.
At the start of the doucment a split is made between a constantly alternating visual and textual narrative. A list of gathered images is provided as a contents section (left).
An example page showing two versions of the graphic symbols that were used by the Internet Archive before its current logo (right).
An example page showing two screenshots of the “12 Hours Dark” actions that were uploaded during the SOPA controversion (right).
An example page showing two of the images collected on the physical location of the Internet Archive (right).
An example page showing two of the many screenshots of the Internet Archive homepage that were collected (right).
An example page showing the start of the chapter on “Installation instructions”, which contains instructions regarding the implementation of the identity (right).
An example page with some of the photographs about the founder of the Internet Archive, which was the most visible person of the organization after the Archiving Team itself.
An example page showing two photographs of the terracotta people that are located within the main building of the Internet Archive for each person that has worked there for 5+ years (left).
The backside and last page of the “README” document shows an HTML body closing statement, representing not only the closing of the document, but also of the standard layout.
Subtitle: On the Distributed Identity of Internet Archive
Title.alternative: Distributed Identity
Type: Print; Paperback
Type.dimensions: 210 × 148,5 × 40 mm
Type.pages: 576 pages
Type.printing: Black; Double-sided
Type.edition: Single copy F. N. (Fernando) van der Vlist
Designer.affiliation: School of Media & Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences L. J. M. A. (Lauran) Schijvens; K. M. (Karin) Mientjes
Supervisor.affiliation: Dept. of Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences G. C. C. (Gabrielle) Marks (chair); L. J. M. A. (Lauran) Schijvens; K. M. (Karin) Mientjes; N. O. (Niels) Schrader; N. (Nicole) Martens
Committee.affiliation: Dept. of Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; Mind Design – Gedankendesign; Nicole Martens
Description.note: Submitted to the Department of Graphic Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy, School of Media & Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Design (BDes).
Description.note: This project was nominated for the Drempelprijs Vormgeving 2012, and exhibited at WdKA Graduation Festival 2012 at Fenixloodsen I and II, Rotterdam.
Description: README is a proposal to reconsider the way we think about graphic identity. It suggests a radical revision of strategy by locating the distributed identity of the Internet Archive on the Web (i.e. within in it's own archive). This specific understanding of a networked identity as a collection of visual echoes spreaded accross the Web fits with medium-specific narrative forms that characterise new-media ecologies. A distributed identity is fundamentally an exploded formations of components brought together by their relations; it is a network rather than a visual form.
With that in mind, README should be read as a descriptive document, a strategic manual. It is, however, also a body of research, and an applied (visual) investigation of this specific type of distributed identity to the Internet Archive. Images of Internet Archive were not just collected, but also analysed, categorised, and organised into different sections, which enables the reader to understand Internet Archive as an archived collection of mediated echoes.
Printer: IVA Groep Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Date.submitted: 11 June 2012
Date.evaluated: 11 June 2012
Date.defended: 11 June 2012
Language: English (United Kingdom)
Rights: Source material from various sources.