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Rotterdam 2057

The Future Will Be History

K. M. Mientjes, M. Mulder, and R. Teeuwen (curators)

Rotterdam is a city of many contrasts and traditions, and is sometimes considered a testing grounds for Dutch electoral politics. Rotterdam has already been termed the European Capital of Culture (2001), the City of Architecture (2007), and most recently the Best Festival City of the World (2010). The Port of Rotterdam is also a physical and a metaphorical connection to the rest of the world: in terms of demographics, Rotterdam is a part of the world more than it is a part of the Netherlands. It is a place where important social, cultural, and political issues emerge, and thus need to be addressed. Therefore, it is both necessary and useful to develop visions of the future today. While the year 2057 is seemingly a distant future, it is also the year in which some of us retire and leave our jobs. Visionaries should look beyond the present moment and into the distant future. But who are the visionaries of today and what are their visions of the future of this city? The year 2057 is still a long time to go, but visions of the future should be developed today.

Kind Assignment; Exhibition
Curator K. M. Mientjes; M. Mulder; R. Teeuwen
Designer F. Hahne; T. Meeus
Contributor M. van Bachum; F. Bakker; B. F. Bennett; C. Bijdevaate; M. Blokland; L. Bollenbach; H. Boon; C. Boot; M. Braams; M. de Bruijn; M. Cremers; B. van Diepen; S. Dominguez; J. Galand; J. Godyla; R. de Groot; T. Hölscher; F. Hahne; E. Harmsen; P. Hartkoorn; M. Józefczak; T. de Jong; W. de Kam; R. A. Kim; R. de Kok; S. Lachleb; S. Lee; C. van Leeuwen; J. de Longh; C. Lonis; M. Maltha; M. Meekels; T. Meeus; K. Mertens; S. Mittelberg; W. Mooijman; G. Mourot; D. Nuijen; B. Planken; A. de Ricou; C. Schoenmaker; D. Smith; K. Smith; S. Snoep; R. Speel; A. G. Starr; M. Straatman; P. Szalayc; J. Vallet; L. van Veluw; M. Verweij; Y. Vlassak; F. N. van der Vlist; J. Voorneveld; D. R. de Vries; S. de Vries; M. Wilmink; Y. Ye; D. van der Zee; M. van Zomeren
Exhibition Date 2011, May 12 – 2011, May 15 (3 days)
Exhibition Place BLAAK10 Gallery & Store (Witte de Withstraat 7a, 3012 BK Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Printer Jong & Goed (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

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