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Seeing the Forest for the Trees:
Visualizing Platformization and Its Governance

📂Platformisation and Platform Ecosystems ‘The complexities of platforms are increasingly at odds with the narrow legal and economic concepts in which their governance is grounded. This article aims to analyze platformization through the metaphorical lens of a tree to make sense of information ecosystems as hierarchical and interdependent structures. The layered shape of the tree draws attention to the dynamics of power concentration: vertical integration, infrastructuralization, and cross-sectorization. Next, the metaphor helps to revision the current patchwork of European regulatory frameworks, addressing the power asymmetry between citizens and the data-driven systems through which their daily practices are governed. Finally, the platformization tree serves to identify points of intervention that may inform European regulatory bodies and policy-makers to act as agents of change. Taking a holistic approach to platformization, this visual metaphor may inspire a set of principles that reshapes the platform ecosystem in the interest of society and the common good.’ (Quoted)

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Author J. F. T. M. van Dijck
Designer F. N. van der Vlist
Publication Date 2020, July 8 [first published online]; 2021, September [issue published]
Journal New Media & Society (NM&S)
Volume 23
Issue 9
Pages 2801–2819 (19)
Illustrations 2
Publisher SAGE Publications (Thousand Oaks, CA, United States of America)
Identifier 10.1177/1461444820940293 [part of]; 978-0190889777 [part of]


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