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Fernando van der Vlist

is a postdoctoral researcher of media and digital society at Utrecht University and also, since 2016, with the Collaborative Research Centre ‘Media of Cooperation’ at the University of Siegen
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On this website, you’ll find my profile information (including author bios and my academic résumé), an archive of my scholarly papers and publications, my design projects and visualisations, a ‘thumbnail’ gallery, and (free-to-use) resources made for students, researchers, and lecturers in the area of internet-related research. My latest and pinned (i.e., highlighted) papers and projects are also listed separately below on this page (please hover over to display additional information). Nearly all of my scholarly publications are open access and freely available to everyone.

🎓I defended my PhD thesis The Platform as Ecosystem: Configurations and Dynamics of Governance and Power at Utrecht University on 16 September 2022.

💬Please reach out to me via email. You can subscribe to this website’s RSS feed and follow me on Twitter and Google Scholar.

Latest 7

Latest 🕓Date Modified ↧ Name Kind Access
📌 2022-09-16 The Platform as Ecosystem 🎓 📗 🔍Thesis 🌍Public
2022-07 The Evolution of (Super) Apps 📝Web Report 🌍Public
2022-06-26 Making the Car ‘Platform Ready’ 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2022-05-07 API Governance 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
2022-04-16 Social Media-Related Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes Store) App Ecosystems 🗄Research Data 🔓Open Access
📌 2022-04-15 The Platform as Ecosystem (Data Sets) 🗄Research Data 🔓Open Access
2022-03-01 Historical Facebook Platform ‘Boundary Resources’ for Application Development, 2006–2020 🗄Research Data 🔓Open Access

📌Pinned 13

📌Pinned 🕓Date Modified ↧ Name Kind Access
📌 2022-09-16 The Platform as Ecosystem 🎓 📗 🔍Thesis 🌍Public
📌 2022-05-07 API Governance 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2021-08-06 Pandemic Platform Governance 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2021-06-14 How Partners Mediate Platform Power 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2020-06 ASI Data Sets 🗄Research Data 🌍Public
📌 2020-06 ASI Tools 🔧Research Tools 🌍Public
📌 2019-11-06 Social Media and Platform Historiography 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2019-10-21 Apps and Infrastructures – A Research Agenda 📄 📗Issue Editorial 🔓Open Access
📌 2019-10-21 Regramming the Platform 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2019-06-06 Multi-Situated App Studies 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2019-05-01 Facebook’s Evolution 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 2017-10-17 Media Studies Reference Worksheets 📚Reference Worksheets 🌍Public
📌 2016-06-01 Accounting for the Social 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access

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