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Index of research/ Name 🕓Date Modified ↧ Kind Access
Locating and Theorizing Platform Power (Conference Panel) 2023-03-29 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
Situating the Marketization of Data 2023-02-09 📄 📗Book Section 🔓Open Access
📌 The Platform as Ecosystem 2022-09-16 🎓 📗 🔍Thesis 🌍Public
The Evolution of Super Apps 2022-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Making the Car ‘Platform Ready’ 2022-06-26 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 API Governance 2022-05-07 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
Social Media in the Audience Economy 2021-09-16 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
The Governance of Facebook Platform 2021-09-16 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
📌 Pandemic Platform Governance 2021-08-06 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
The Technicity of Platform Governance 2021-07-23 📄Working Paper 🔓Open Access
Platform and App Histories 2021-07-01 📄 📗Book Section 🔒Closed
Mapping Business and Data Partnerships in the Social Media Ecosystem 2021-06-16 📝Blog Post 🌍Public
📌 How Partners Mediate Platform Power 2021-06-14 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
The Evolution of Facebook’s Graph API 2020-10-05 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
Platform and App Histories 2020-09 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
📌 Social Media and Platform Historiography 2019-11-06 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
Apps and Infrastructures, Computational Culture #7 2019-10-21 📗Special Issue 🔓Open Access
Apps and Infrastructures – A Research Agenda 2019-10-21 📄 📗Issue Editorial 🔓Open Access
📌 Regramming the Platform 2019-10-21 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
App (Store) Policy Histories 2019-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Research Persona as Digital Method 2019-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
📌 Multi-Situated App Studies 2019-06-06 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
📌 Facebook’s Evolution 2019-05-01 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
Apps and Their Stories 2019-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Diaspora and Mapping Methodologies 2018-12-05 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
Store, Interface, Package, Connection 2018-08-30 📄Working Paper 🔓Open Access
App Stores and Their Bias 2018-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Apps and Infrastructures (Call for Abstracts) 2018-02-06 📢Call for Abstracts 🌍Public
Mapping Data-Intensive App Infrastructures 2018-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
The Political Economy of Social Data 2017-07-28 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔒Closed
Methods Maps 2017-06 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Speculative Data Selfies 2017-03-01 📢News & Opinion Article 🔓Open Access
Counter-Mapping Surveillance 2017-02-28 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
App Stores as Data Infrastructure 2017-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
App Support Ecologies 2016-12-08 📃 📊Conference Poster 🌍Public
App Studies (Conference Panel) 2016-10-31 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🔓Open Access
Big Data Advertising Infrastructures 2016-09 📄 🔍Conference Proceeding 🌍Public
Mapping (Secure) Messaging App Ecologies 2016-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Issue Mapping for Diasporic Crossings 2016-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
📌 Accounting for the Social 2016-06-01 📄 🔍Research Article 🔓Open Access
Digital Methods for Number Critique 2016-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
The Making of Predictions 2015-06-26 🎓 📄Thesis │ 📜 🌍Public
Tracking Ecologies 2015-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Political Memes in a Globalised World 2015-06 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Calculation in Digital Architecture 2015-01-23 📝Working Paper
Mapping Open Data as an Idea 2015-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Climaps 2014-11 📗Web Reports 🌍Public
Analyse van Citizen Empowerment Tools in Amsterdam 2014-10 📝Report 🌍Public
Mapping the JD Archive 2014-07 📝Web Report 🌍Public
One Percent of Twitter, Part II 2014-06 📝Web Report 🌍Public
Uses and Users of Climate Change Vulnerability Indices 2014-04 📝Web Report 🌍Public
The Woolwich Attack 2014-01 📝Web Report 🌍Public
In-Formed Spaces 2014-01-10 📝Working Paper
Following #UvAMOOC on Twitter 2013-12-06 📝Working Paper
Search as Research 2013-11-22 📝Research Report
Reconstructing Web History 2013-11-15 📝Research Report
What’s in the Social Graph? 2013-06-07 📝Working Paper
A Technicity of Collaboration 2013-05-22 🎓 📄Thesis │ 📜 🌍Public
Studying Sociocultural Networks 2013-01-11 📝Working Paper
Distributed Narratives 2012-05-25 🎓 📄Thesis │ 📜