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The Nationality of Apps?

📂App Studies As Apple’s App Store approaches its 16th anniversary, regulations, markets, and services have evolved into local offerings of what was once a unified marketplace, resulting in distinct app experiences worldwide. In the context of ongoing efforts to regulate the app ecosystem, dominant app stores like Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store play a pivotal role in delineating and controlling boundaries between countries or regions within it. This report explores the implications of this trend for country-specific offerings and regional cultures and economies of apps, as well as the diverse manifestations of ‘appification’ on a global scale. Through a series of diverse case studies conducted together with our Master’s students, adopting a ‘multi-situated’ approach to app studies, it highlights the multifaceted impact of apps on everyday life, cultural and economic dynamics, and geopolitical events. Ultimately, the report underscores the importance of critical app studies and its ongoing relevance in comprehending the cultural, economic, and political dimensions of mobile apps and appification across countries and regions worldwide.

Note: This article is the editorial introduction of The Nationality of Apps: Exploring National App Cultures and Economies, a report in the App Studies Initiative (ASI) Sprint Report Series edited by F. N. van der Vlist and E. J. T. Weltevrede. Contributions represent the research undertaken by students as part of the 2023–2024 Master’s elective course ‘Appification: The Cultures and Economies of Apps’ during its concluding themed ‘data sprint’, organised within the Department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. All contributors are listed in the Contributors section of the report.

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📋Cite (APA) van der Vlist, F. N., & Weltevrede, E. J. T. (2024, May 31). The Nationality of Apps? (Editorial Introduction). In F. N. van der Vlist & E. J. T. Weltevrede (Eds.), The Nationality of Apps: Exploring National App Cultures and Economies (ASI Sprint Report Series No. 1). App Studies Initiative (ASI), pp. 6–17. DOI: 10.17605/ Available at:
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Kind Sprint Report; Editorial
Author F. N. van der Vlist; E. J. T. Weltevrede
Publication Date 2024, May 31
Series Title ASI Sprint Report Series
Report Number 1
Editor F. N. van der Vlist; E. J. T. Weltevrede
Pages 6–17 (12)
Publisher App Studies Initiative (ASI)
Identifier 10.17605/ [self]; 10.17605/ [part of]; [part of]
Download the-nationality-of-apps.pdf
License CC BY 4.0

Table of Contents

Title Page p. ii 📄Front Matter 🌍Public
Contents p. iv 📄Front Matter 🌍Public
About this Report p. v 📄Front Matter 🌍Public

[Chapter 1] The Nationality of Apps?
F. N. van der Vlist & E. J. T. Weltevrede
pp. 6–17 📄 📗Editorial Introduction
[Chapter 2] Transnational Gaming Flows:
A Study of Mobile Game Import/Export Patterns and Genre Preferences Across Asian and Western Markets

️Shiyun Qian, Lingyun Yue, & Yuhe Ma
pp. 18–33 📄Chapter 🌍Public
[Chapter 3] Exploring Cross-National Work Cultures:
A Study of Job Apps Across Six National App Stores

Federico Lavatori
pp. 34–47 📄Chapter 🌍Public
[Chapter 4] National Health and Fitness App Cultures:
An Analysis Across American, Asian, and European App Stores

Winnie Lee, Laura Dea Vamper, & Cong Hung Đinh
pp. 48–69 📄Chapter 🌍Public

Contributors pp. 70–71 📄Back Matter 🌍Public


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